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  • Web analytics guru, Google-certified marketer with over ten years of experience in delivering high-ROI online advertising solutions. He’s an expert in developing and creating complex PPC projects across languages whether on Baidu or AdWords, where he created his first campaign in 2004. Hermes is a firm believer in the primacy of hard data to optimize user-acquisition channels and maximize conversion effectiveness.Hermes holds a BSc in Computer Science and Technology from Shanghai Jiaotong University, is a native Shanghainese and speaks Mandarin, English, and Japanese.
  • Who got the first 100 million views on YouTube? The nyan cat. Who are the non-human super stars of the Internet? Grumpy Cats, Lil Bub, Maru...and I founded this site just for personal interest. Updated from time to time, it assures lots of joys.
  • I'm a hardcore gamer. I like Actions, Adventures and RPGs. I'm ranked within top 1000 of PSN Asia. Check My Playstation Network Profile profile. Invite me as your friend through PSN.

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Grove Software

Grove is a in-depth Cloud Hosted application that turns your website into a social destination. Grove is organized around the concept of Groups. Grove helps you build your Owned Media and makes your Owned Media Social! Just Plug & Play.
Get Your Site Social is a Pinterest-styled pet site for cat lovers. It collects thousands of images and videos from the internet. Although in Chinese language, anyone can enjoy it by beholding the cutest and smartest animal in the world. Cats are the Internet!
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