An Introduction to Baidu Webmaster Tools for English Language Users

Baidu Webmaster Tools is a powerful toolbox for you to enhance your SEO performance, particularly, when Google is entirely banished from China’s Mainland.

A Common Mistake You Make When Building Segments in Google Analytics

When creating your new Segments in Google Analytics Include/Exclude and Contains/Does Not Contain are very different which worth your caution.

Free Data For Market Research In China

In this short post, I’m going to circulate a few useful, reliable and FREE data sources for your market research in China.

The Last-Minute Checklist Before Launching Your China Site

For internet practitioners in China, I have shortlisted 6 bullet points that you should have in your checklist before you bring your site live.

Seven Classic Myths in Digital Marketing

Your digital agency may tell you some exciting achievements. You want to understand the jargon and identify if you are really making a progress.

Baidu says “Baidu PageRank does not exist”

Baidu’s Webmaster Tool site – Baidu Zhanzhang announced in mid-May that “There are no such things as Baidu PageRank or Ranking Weight (Chinese)”.

Five Must-Have WordPress Plug-ins for Your China Business

The top 5 most useful WordPress plug-ins that reinforces your localized website for China market which may help most with only a few lines of code.

Facebook’s Slapping Its Own Face Badly With News Feed Algorithm

Cost is everywhere. It needs expensive talents to lead through the free channels – Hermes Ma Instead of making its ads more valuable, Facebook is giving the marketers a reason of why they should stop investing their marketing PPC budget on Facebook.

How to survive the blind organic disruption with Not Provided

Free meal is gone. Meet your best friend “Not Provided”. It’s time to invest in the best value solution among all the options Google offers. – Hermes Ma During the holiday season, the hottest topics besides the holiday promos is the discussion on the trend of Google closing it’s transparency of organic keywords.

The difference between Facebook and Twitter

The metaphor of using Facebook and using Twitter to me is eating and breathing. Perhaps that’s why people outside China need them both. – Hermes Ma If you live in China, using the isolated Chinternet, Facebook and Twitter will never become a norm of your daily Online social platform.

Hello world!

Gaming, Gambling and Pornography are the 3 most powerful [r]evolution drivers of the Internet. But yes, they are evil. – Hermes Ma Allow me to keep the original title of the post after I installed this brand new WordPress application. I like this theme, btw.